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    Sisters Plea
I will stand with you, my brother
God made us, two by two.
What I can do, let me do, for you.
We can become a masterful team,
causing bright freedom to beam
The torch is burning as bright,
in my hand,as it is in yours
Let us deal with war`s chores
Proudly,let me stand with you,my brother
Do not wish that you could  send me home
I do not want to go ,leaving you alone
I need to stand with you, my brother
If I fall there may be children, left motherless,
as yours are left fatherless, when you may fall
I am a soldier just like you, ready to give my all
Allow me,please, to stand with you ,my brother
İFaye Sizemore 4/17/03


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 For Lori

She gave her all for God and Country,

She gave her all for Love and Family,

She gave her all for Fellow Man,

She gave her all and is now in Gods Hands.

Lori Piestewa, Mother, Sister, Friend,

Answered the Call and took a Stand,

She did not like a Terrorist in her Country,

She wanted everyone to live, in Peace and Harmony.

Her Memory lives on in those who knew and loved her,

Her Memory lives on in those who thank Her,

For she gave her life, her soul, and her spirit,

So that we could live in Peace and Freedom.

Thank You Lori.

Danielle N Calhoun

İ April 18, 2003


Sgt.Roscoe Archer of Ft.Stewart Ga. naps in Saddam`s Palace


Nap In the Palace

All is well on the former road to Hell

Roscoe is sleeping in the palace

He has seen, for sure, that all is well

Saddam said 'there are no troops near Baghdad!'

...Never fear.......

... Rest your head here...

That there are 'no troops near' is true

...Roscoe has come to check it out for you

So Roscoe sleeps, the sleep of the just

He`s tired and rest he must...

No more nightmare dreaming over there

...No troops near Baghdad....

Did you even care...

.Just rumours...

...No need to beware...

Did you believe what was said...

'There are no troops near Baghdad...'

İFaye Sizemore 4/21/03


One Son

What will you give the auctioneer cried?

For this soldier that has seen many who have died?

Surely he will bring something, while he was standing looking at the floor,

A dollar, a dollar do I hear more?

What will you give for one that has fought so long and hard?

Two dollars? Come on hes surely worth more if just to stand in the yard.

He fought at Ft. William Henry, Valley Forge and again at Charlestown

He will bring at least three dollars come on bid before I bang the gavel down.

Ive got three who will make it four?

He fought on the Canadian Border, the Raisin River, in the 1812 War.

Two dollars fifty cents, is that all for a soldier that fought at the Alamo?

Come on folks someone make it three, its getting late and I must go.

Four dollars, thanks but surely he will bring more,

He was at Ft. Sumter, Gettysburg, Antietam, and Stone River where he barely swam ashore.

Five dollars, five dollars, walk around young man let them see your pace

See the pain and anguish upon this soldiers face?

I have five, who will make it six?

Remember he was in the Argone, Marne, was gassed in Verdun and was very sick.

Six dollars, I have six now seven, who will make it seven, no ifs, ands or butts?

This young man was at Pearl Harbor, Midway, Anzio, and Bastonge where he told the Germans NUTS!

O.K. Now my friends weve lost enough time, let me see you dig a little deeper.

Take another look; see the scars from Pusan, Inchon, and Operation Ripper

See the lesions when he was sprayed with Agent Orange in 62

Come on now, just a little while longer and we will be through.

Seven dollars? Seven dollars is the bid, why he was there at the battle of Dak To,

Ive begged, and cried to get a decent bid, ask him if he still remembers Khe San so very long ago.

Im sure you have all heard of the Battle of Hamburger Hill,

So surely someone will bid a fifty-dollar bill.

Eight dollars, is this all he is worth? Oh, I almost forgot Kuwait,

Sure he was there losing many of a mate.

He made a valiant effort in the war to free Afghanistan,

Why just yesterday he again fought for freedom in Iraq not far from the Sudan.

Ten dollars, ten dollars is the bid, as an little ole lady slips in unnoticed, and unseen.

Ten dollars going once, Ten dollars going twice, is there not one that will bid at least fifteen?

Fifteen Dollars and One Son came a small voice from the back

Fifteen Dollars, did I hear Fifteen dollars and a son from the little lady dresssed in black?

Fifteen dollars and a son is the bid kind sir,

As she slowly crept to the front and the crowd make an uneasy stir.

You see I lost my son, a soldier through and through, fifteen dollars and a son is all I have to give

And I bit that today sir so that many more may live.

She slowly came forward and lay her money down,

Then she slowly turned around.

Taking the soldier by the arm she said lets go home and they walked out the door

The crowd was strangely silent, then stood and let a hardy roar.

One son and fifteen dollars was all she thought she had to give

But the most precious thing that she possessed, was love so that many would live.

The auctioneer was stunned, and so were those assembled

But now they have realized the love of God that she resembled.

İDavid R. Alexander

April 25, 2003
All Rights Reserved


Spirits of Freedom

Sent by special delivery from a far and friendly land

For the day when Australia and New Zealand remember;

The day that they created the template for our countries;

For the day that I and my Anzac brethren-in-arms remember!

His Spirit Bird soars on the storm of electrons

And as it is sent, so is it received

With honour, respect and admiration

For the warriors of these great nations!

Their deeds will be remembered by all who read

Just as our deeds are remembered by all who heed.

His Crow Spirit and the great Grey Eagle's Spirit

Fly in formation over the flightless Emu and Kiwi.

Together, with great Water Spirit Albatross,

These eternal spirit birds protect air, land and sea

And their presence will surely and eternally

Watch and protect the Freedoms of me and thee!

İAnthony W. Pahl

27 April 2003

For Cal - my Friend and Brother

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