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In The Poets Tower. . . .
Poems And Prayers
By my friends and myself. . . .

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   The Keeper Of Dreams
Your darkest deepest thoughts
Be not afraid to give them to me
I am the keeper of the registry
My name is Poetry
Give me all your dreams
The one`s that came true
And the ones which never will
I will store them for you
The nightmares that steal your night
In return, I`ll give to you rest
I can store them from your sight
If you remember, you will see
You know me,my name is Poetry
Give me your happiness
Whisper to me of your loneliness
Of your loves that are true
And cry to me of the ones lost
I shall always be here
Never turning a deaf ear to you
Carving your words in stone
With strokes straight and true
Making symbols for eternity
Never leaving you alone
I am never ending Poetry
I will be a vessal for your tears
I will be an echo for your laughter
I will always be there through the years
It is your pen which infuses my veins
My name is Poetry,I will refine your words
Uncover the desires you seek to reach
In me your thoughts will live forever
In return,I may grace you with peace
     My name is Poetry
©Faye Sizemore  Apr2002

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                Why Do I cry
       A soldier has fallen somewhere
    A soldier somewhere has given all
             It wasn`t my father
              Nor my brother
        Not my nephew or husband
           But it was someone`s
               And I cry because
              I could have been
                 that someone

          And I cry for that someone
      that my tears allow me to become
          If only it lessened their pain
             but tears have no gain

             And the way of the ages
              Seems not to change
        ©Faye Sizemore December302002

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 So you saw your young men die in battle,
While my children died at home,
Did you see our children like herds of cattle,
Burnt to their very bone?
Did you see the bombs my grandma saw,
While you crouched in your trench?
And how many people rent and raw;
Did you smell the horrid stench?
So now you cry you bold brave men,
Who went away to war,
What did most of you see there then,
That we civilians never saw?
So weep you heroes for your selves,
Cause we cant weep no more.
©Colin F.Jones 1/27/03


              Dark Fortune

Are we at this place again
where our grief does begin

Here we stand, all humankind
Looking, looking for the signs

No good omens can we see
of the future times that will be

Coming war will reign

Is there no dawn,
only dusk falling
traveling on into night

©Faye Sizemore
December 31, 2002

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                     Be Proud

Let not our sons be sent to do,
That which their fathers failed,
As did our God for all to view;
To the cross his son was nailed.

Those who wait; avoiding war,
Will see the battle fought,
Upon the beaches of their shore,
In the Devils furnace caught.

We must stand firm on foreign ground,
To keep the foe at bay,
That those at home dont hear the sound,
From the battle lines array.

©Colin F. Jones
13 January 2003

War Poetry Of Colin F.Jones

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     Age In  A Glance
 I am old and leaves are falling down
Brown and fertile like a signature of my life
All is coming clockwise and unwound
The cold is seeping ever so slowly ,seeping in
Holding back the warmth from the sun again
Deliver me ,Spring,come again
It will not happen for winter has set in
Days grow shorter and lights dim
There are no buds upon the limb
but the tree stands sturdy in the wind
Waiting silently for the timely end
We do not our own hours keep
and if we did ,we would weep
Who could judge the lenghth of rhyme
For a visit on this rock  sublime
Keep on,keep on,it is only for a time
The time  is Counted ,not by us
But by the God in whom we trust

©Faye Sizemore 1/7/2003

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Lost Generation/Litter On The Road To Nowhere
Trumpets of doom did not sound
No warning of what was to abound
But seeing with our own eyes
they make a litter box of our paradise
and then with a groan
..............they move on
..........just move on
taking no notice of our sighs
or the rubble they leave behind
not answering our insistant whys
leaving behind our troubled mind
................they move on
...........just move on
just another stop on their spinning sphere
to them another place is as good as here
just passing time before they are gone
.........before they move on
........just move on
Where did they come from
these who seek harmony`s harm
are they awaiting the Devils alarm
seeking for them with a charm
........before they move on
.........just move on
Lost in their tangles of soiled web
precious time they let slowly ebb
nothing to prove they were here
no memories will they hold dear
...........they will move on
.......just move on
Epics of wasted lives strewed in a pile
faces in the rubble wear no smile
the trash man removes all traces
they have run out of places more moving on moving on
©Faye Sizemore January 28 2003

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                    Eternal Flight
                          Seven will
                         ever onward,
                      never returning...
                         never ending...
                    forever, ever onward
                            We salute...
                               ©Faye Sizemore

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       Call To Arms

    Eternal soldier,arise,
  Harken to the battle cries.
   Years ago ,dead and gone,
 seems rest has not been long.
Come now and stand,hear the cry,
'Today again,your brothers may die...'

"I answer,I come ,brothers mine,
  Returning through the mists,
from an endless journey in time
Part of me, timeless, still exists,
this ever faithful soul of mine..."

        ©Faye Sizemore 2/6/03

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Filed Under Regrets

In the Temple of my mind
Are those left behind

Why did I not savor each and every day
I thought it was always to be that way

Now some precious ones are gone
and without them I feel so alone

They march in memory`s purple haze
seeking a file in this mind`s maze

Fleeting... the faces come
bringing rememberance, each one

Wishing I had spent more time
If so,this could be a happier rhyme

Instead of memories filled with regret
that are filed under 'Never Forget'

©2/6/03 Faye Sizemore

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A thousand and many more;
marching on as to war.
What are you crying for?
Could one of them yours?

Is it your son they are going send,
Will this be his young lifes end?
Is it your daughter who will die?
Tell me Mother, why do you cry?

Is that a father whos marching on;
Will his fate be the same as her son?
Maybe its someones uncle or brother;
Could it be that its a friend or lover?

Look around, look around
Before its too late we may find
They have gone with the drums of war
Following the marching feet as before

Tell me America, What are you crying for?

©Faye Sizemore
September 29, 2002

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Vietnam Vet will work for food"
He stands at the bottom
Of a freeway exit
Many cars just pass him by
They didn't even notice
Him carrying a sign
That read
"Vietnam Vet will work for food"
"Hungry and Homeless"
"Please help and God Bless you"
I looked at his dirty unshaven face
Wondering what brought this old soldier to this place
Couldn't help but recognize the patch on his sleeve
He worn the sign of a once proud Eagle from the 101
I figured out by his age 
That this old soldier once fought in Vietnam
When I looked into his eyes
I could see they were frozen some where in time
His eyes carried the mood
Of a dark and old familiar place
Where soldiers like him died every day
Some soldiers died in the jungle mud
Others still walk a living death
The memories too painful to forget
Only time
Can wash away the sound of the jungle rain
Many years have come and gone by
How did this old soldier get trapped in time
He now stands here carrying a sign
People in their fancy cars just pass him by
Never noticing this old soldier with his sign
I pulled up my car to say hello
He bowed his head
Never letting my see his eyes
I told this old boy
I see you are from the 101
My Dad just like you
Was once in the Airborne
Just then this old soldier raised his face
The hard lines in his face formed a small smile
He knew he was safe
So he talked to me for a while
I gave him ten dollars and thanked he for what he had done
He said "God bless you mam"
You I once fought long ago in Vietnam
With pride he said
 I was also Airborne
Just like your old man
But some I he could never forget
All my brothers with headless graves
To mark where they gave their lives
Some how I got stuck in time
My mind never it back
So I stand here carrying a sign
Willing to do what I can
I don't want or need much 
I thank you mam for not passing me by
So when you see a Vet standing alone
And carrying a sign that reads
"Vietnam Vet will work for food"
Please don't pass him by
Instead Thank him for what he did
He really wants to be seen
His silence says it all
His eyes bare his soul
What he wants you to know
Is that he was once was a soldier
Who fought in bravely Vietnam
While you were home and safe
In our heartland.
Written By :
©Ruby Alexandra Beloz

My Dad Is A Vet

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Warrior Once...Homeless Now

Just an old soldier
running from an old war
Racing until I can run no more
Racing toward a unknown chore
.............Passing time
Passing time... until I am no more
I surface to the sun
The race is lost and nearly done
faint and devoid of fight
living in the dust of twilight
.............Passing time
Passing time...until I am no more
Living unseen in the shadows
forsaking hope of tomorrows
A coming of age has found all matters naught
just existing today in the snares of others caught
.................Passing time
Passing time ...until I am no more
©Faye Sizemore February92003

Poems By Faye

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If Not Peace
All night I prayed for peace
until the amber dawn
shown on my face
Lord, if it is not to be,
then I pray...
send us swift victory!
The etheral mists of morn
float among the barren trees
The cardinals red flashes
Are seen among these
Lord,still I pray,
If not peace...victory!
Even though full in the sun
fears of the night have not run
What will be brought this day
No one but the Almighty can say
Lord,Lord,still I beg of Thee,
send us peace...or swift victory!
©Faye Sizemore 2/10/03

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Hesitant Warrior
Trembling has crept in to my bones
My young ones I need at home,
not placed in a flag draped box
please, no more names on a Wall
Who will answer Freedoms Call
My young ones are bound to go
because others have decreed it so
The peace that we all seek
cannot be procured by the meek
Pray, do enlist this old hand,
who can do no more but
wave the flag of our land
This old head does think twice
for others must make the sacrifice
Would that I could ,take up the chase
instead of sending others in my place...
I think tis`so easy to be brave,
when it is on others, war will rave
©Faye Sizemore 2/12/03

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No One But Me


Across the fields of grain

Face wet with a springtime rain

Who lives there? No one but me.


Mother and Father working in the fields

The wonderful aroma of one of moms home cooked meals

Who lives there? No one but me.


Crawling through the mud and rain

Army training, but not in vain

Who lives there? No one but me.


Flying across the ocean wide

Wondering if there will be a place to hide

Who lives there? No one but me


Behind a fallen tree bullets all around

Wishing there was a larger hole in the ground

Who lives there? No one but me


Men asking what shall we do?

Knowing some will be dead when this is through

Who lives there? No one but me


What was thought to be a brave front

Giving commands sometimes it would be nice to be a grunt.

Who lives there? No one but me.


Watching young men hurt and dieing

If this doesnt bother me Id be lying

Who lives there? No one but me.


Going home on a jet plane

Mind being held as if by a chain

Who lives there? No one but me.


Lying in bed pretending to be asleep

The horrors and misery into my mind do leap

Who lives there? No one but me.


A tortured mind and restless sleep

Faces of those lost in a jungle so deep

Who lives there? No one but me.


Fighting each day to remember not

A losing battle that cannot be forgot

Who lives there? No one but me.


Sharing memories with those who live the same

Trying to understand no one is to blame

Who lives there? They all do with me.


©David R. Alexander

February 11, 2003

All Rights Reserved

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               A measure of the worth of a man
            is not inscribed by ownership of land
            or the amount of riches in his hand
            It`s measured by the love in his soul
           and how he does treat his fellow man
           Far above treasures is the tender heart
            held by one not afraid to do his part
             and aid in the steps of a lesser one
           for in doing so,thus, his fame is won

                      ©Faye Sizemore 2/16/03

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Hark,it is again, the Eleventh hour
Do you know where your Children are
Could they be on a ship headed for a foreign land
If you could call them back ,wouldn`t it be grand
Are they flying through the skies in a fighter plane,
Going on their way to fight for freedom again
This generation has been good at breeding war
and,now, on our Children falls the chore
I saw our Sons as they were trudging through the sands
carrying our hopes along with rifles in their hands
Hark,it is again, the Eleventh hour
Do you know where your Children are
©Faye Sizemore

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Random Thoughts

War is going on,
TV shows it all,
I try to block the tears,
That show how much my fear,
Is for all the brave,
Who are doing what they must,
Even if it means, a life must be lost.

Im tired of the pain,
The tears are forming rivers,
Deep inside my heart,
My emotions run a muck.
Soon this war will end,
Soon they will come home,
Some of them draped in flags,
Some barely able to walk.

I know that this is needed,
But the pain is just too much,
I try and hide the pain,
But the tears like rain drops fall.

Danielle N Calhoun
© March 26, 2003



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