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Mountain Home

I have traveled many roads
..heard my truck tires singing..
crying from their heavy loads
I have traversed the Rocky mountains
and the valleys..all alike
..smaller ranges
.. wide river bridges and the pikes
All the roads that I have traveled have led me home
to this place where I shall never again feel alone
There is no more that I shall ask
Here..where love will live forever and contentment
lies within my grasp
In the shadows of these mountains
..the tires have sung me home
and with a wisdom that was lite
of the tires song..
I am sung here where I belong..
just happy to be home and sit
Content is my heart in this mountain height
..rising.. cloaked in tall oaks and foggy pine
where all peace and harmony is within my sight
The roads that I traveled so long alone..
They have led me here to home
A home that is no longer just a destination
upon a road sign...
where my loved ones that I can no longer see
are my guardian angels who live here with me

ŠAugust 2007 Faye Sizemore
For Jenevieve Rose